3 BEST Ways To Make Money Online in 2019! (No Surveys)

[UltraVid id=2 ]hello everyone I have been creating video since 2011 on the stock market on the economy and I have had repeated requests from individuals all over the world asking me how do you make money how can you create a sustainable business whether economic conditions are good or bad I am going to get into the three best ways to make money today and I’m talking about 2019 I am NOT talking about things that are like doing surveys online and all that type of business it’s not really sustainable and of course the actual amount of income you make is peanuts I’m talking about the strategies to actually produce a sustainable income over the long term many people have asked me about this information and I’m going to be repeatedly bringing out videos this is just an introductory video into this subject we’re gonna go into my computer we’re gonna talk about it and then in future videos I will get into the actual nitty gritty I will break it down for you so here we are in my computer and we’re gonna talk about the three best ways today in 2019 to produce a passive income stream and I’m not talking about a little trickle I’m talking about working upfront and being able to provide yourself with a business that brings you money every month now this is a different strategy than what most investors are used to they buy into a stock based on certain criteria they have they buy real estate because it’s gonna appreciate and this is a completely different way of thinking about investing what we are doing is working upfront we set up a business and that business pays us every single month okay so all the work is up front and then you continuously get paid and if you keep your eye on it if you maintain it you can increase the amount that you’re getting paid it’s quite amazing so the three strategies are Amazon number one Shopify number two and affiliate marketing number three but it gets into a lot of detail I’m gonna cover the introduction on this and then each one of these I will tell you I want to actually step-by-step do them so beginning with Amazon what we’re talking about is called fulfillment by Amazon it’s pretty simple what you do is you get products you put them into Amazon’s warehouses their fulfillment centers and they ship them out to other people now you’re thinking to yourself how could I possibly know what I should sell on Amazon whether software to determine that and we’ll talk about that in future videos but imagine you had a software that could tell you what people are buying how much per month and actually give you some insight in how much you should be buying what you should be getting is this the right type of product to buy or sell this is very interesting and there has been all these different software’s that popped up for me personally I have a particular recommendation and that’s just based on my own experience and so we can look into that further as I said future videos but this is just the beginning I wanted to touch on the subject as many people don’t even know this exists there’s also another strategy to Amazon and that is basically very simple where you buy products at let’s say Walmart or you have a nearby store that’s a retail location that’s closing down and you can see what is liquidating in that facility you can see how much it’s being sold for on Amazon and then sell it there at a higher price and you pocket the difference yes that requires you driving to certain locations yes it’s kind of cumbersome I understand but people literally make a living off of doing that they go to the stores that are closing they buy up what they think will be good sellers based on certain criteria and so on and then they sell it on Amazon and Amazon does the shipping if you want if you do fulfillment by Amazon or you can ship the products out yourself obviously when you bring it in to Amazon that gives Amazon Prime that’s a real big bonus for you as the seller the buyer loves that as well it increases your sales there’s no doubt about that and there’s a lot to do with this there’s there’s ways to fully automate this business and you could take it as far as you want this is the probably one of the best for individuals that currently have a nine-to-five job and they want to be able to produce an income on the side I think that this is the best so I’m gonna do a lot of videos about this and by the way this is not just my only content that I will do I’m gonna be covering all of the economy all of the stocks and everything have no fear I just want to also give people ways to get into these money-making business building ideas okay that’s all I’m trying to get to so we’re looking at Amazon FBA number one and Shopify number two Shopify is very interesting okay because what we’re gonna do is use this Shopify thing a very very simple way to make a website essentially in fact if you’ve bought things online probably you have been on a Shopify website you probably didn’t even know basically it just makes it very easy for someone to set up a store you drag-and-drop it is extremely simple to set up you don’t need any technical knowledge you could accept people’s payments and you can sell a product now what product the sell I have future videos planned where I’ll show you the software that you can easily look at what is selling today you can see who to emulate and you can get into the details of how to make money through your own store so if you’re not really into Amazon and what-have-you then you can do your own store and make money this way but of course you’re wondering what exactly should I do how do we do all this there’s more details in there you don’t want to just randomly select the product and try to sell it obviously a big mistake now you’re also thinking to yourself I don’t want to buy inventory I don’t know where to keep it in my house and so on no no no don’t worry it doesn’t work like that there are two ways to do it you can buy inventory from a supplier like from Alibaba for instance and you can hold that in a warehouse somewhere like even on Amazon for example and then you ship it out to individuals as needed or you can do drop shipping and drop shipping is basically where the supplier will based on their needs everything’s automated don’t worry you don’t have to be there and all you know worrying about the logistics of that they will do it for you okay so there’s a very simple way that somebody orders the product the supplier ships it to them it’s all taken care of now this is a very simple strategy that many people use the day to make an income everything runs automatically you build the website you have to start getting the traffic in and that’s one of the challenges with Shopify and that’s different than Amazon that’s why I really like Amazon because it’s interesting to be in the biggest mall in the world essentially people are already walking through you just have to make sure that you pick the right product okay so there’s more details on that but anyway Shopify works very simply that you can actually capitalize on the products that are already selling today you can see what’s selling and you can make your own what you can do is find the products that are selling on Amazon and then utilize that for your own Shopify store and you don’t have to even have a hundred products or fifty products or even ten products you can have one product on your store and you could be a specialty in that and you can really make it look very nice very clean and it doesn’t take much you just drag and drop very simple and that is the one other way that people are really producing a big income I really like this method to be quite honest with you but there’s a third one that I think is also interesting and that is affiliate marketing you may have heard this before affiliate marketing is not what people say it is if you watch 90 percent of the videos here more than that they’re gonna basically tell you that it is so easy all you got to do is get an affiliate for some website and then sell it and you’re done okay and that’s really not very useful to you as the individual so I’m gonna talk more about affiliate marketing and how to actually do this properly and how to make money from it so basically what affiliate marketing is all of these companies out there you can name any of them practically all of them will have the ability to get an affiliate link and what that does is basically gives you a commission for selling their product so if you scroll down to the bottom of the page on pretty much any website you’re gonna see affiliate or partners you click on that you fill out a form usually it’s a very simple form and then you are able to sell on their site and this basically gives you the opportunity to make a small commission sometimes a large commission and you can consistently provide yourself with an income now you might be thinking to yourself number one what do I sell and number two where do I sell it how do I go about selling here well you can of course the simplest way friends and family but you’re gonna run out of people very soon okay not everybody’s gonna wanna you don’t want to stuff this down people’s throats you can go into other methods that I believe are much better than that much better converting and the way you want to do this is being able to provide people with information and of course give them what they are looking for and that could be anything if you’re into phishing if you’re into boating if you’re into computers and technology and so on you can easily provide people with information and then you give them the link now you can actually get a discount for people on their products so you’re giving them an incentive and the way you do this is normally they would give you a discount code automatically if not you can contact the company and say look I want to sell this product and I think that’ll be great if you just give some incentive whether it’s a free trial whether it’s some sort of 10% off coupon or what have you and usually they’re very accepting with that because it’s great business for both people it works hand and head this is a great way you can do so using YouTube you can do so using different forums and different groups like Facebook and things there’s a lot of strategies to this and I think it’s better to go into a deeper on a separate video but affiliate marketing is a way that people have been making a lot of money and you could do so actually helping people to get to where they want to be there’s a very disingenuous way to do this I don’t think that’s really right but there’s a better way to do it where you actually help people everybody you know it’s win-win-win all throughout and that’s basically all I wanted to get to today the three best wait in 2019 to produce a passive income that’s different completely different than active investing so it’s something else that I’d normally don’t cover but I just want to make it very clear to everybody what I’m trying to do here trying to help people I’m trying to take all the knowledge that I have and just put it on this channel not just one piece of data that I have because people should be able to be aware of all the different ways so look forward to different types of videos here on the channel I’m gonna cover as much information as I possibly can I do two videos a day I’m talking about the markets I’m talking about the economy I’m talking about making money so I hope you do appreciate that if you did please give me a thumbs up on here and if you want more of this type of info you gotta click that subscribe button it’s so important definitely click the subscribe button we are heading towards one hundred and eighty thousand subscribers very soon so I want you to be one of those people as we cruise through two hundred thousand subscribers I want you to be part of that definitely hit the subscribe button give me a thumbs up I appreciate all that and I’ll see you on the next video

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