Ultimate Wealth Affirmations To Manifest Hot Girls,Wealth, Money,Prosperity

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To get the best benefits out of this movie, sit and relax as much as possible and read all the affirmations on the screen. Watch it for 30 minutes twice a day. The same subliminal messages that are on the screen are also in the music background but they are in silent subliminal mode. Some messages are noticeable , but most are not. But don’t worry everything will still get absorbed by your subconscious mind. And please download this movie with youtube downloader or any other software so you can play it on repeat. Please give me feed back on your results. Also the reason i made this movie, is to help people manifest wealth into their life . Right now times are hard so please watch this video so you can create your own wealth. I comebined some of my own and some of jon mercers videos and music affirmations witch i really recommend his products this is his link http://www.attractanything.com/

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