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WEALTH CHAT the ORIGINS of Foundational and Structural Knowledge of SOCIETY will make you RICH

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Chant this stotra every day Goddess Lakshmi gives you wealth and bright future | PSLV TV

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Lakshmi is known to be the daughter of the mother Goddess Durga, and the wife of Vishnu, whom she accompanied, taking different forms in each of his incarnations. To understand the story of the birth of Goddess Lakshmi, let us throw some light on Vishnu Puranas.The story begins with a meeting between Sage Durvasa and Lord Indra. Sage Durvasa, with a lot of respect, offers a garland of flowers to Lord Indra.Lord Indra takes the flowers and places it on the forehead of his elephant, Airavat. The elephant takes the garland and throws it down on the earth. The chief […]


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Rev Funke Felix Adejumo 2018 | THE SECRETS WEALTH CREATION | POWERFUL REVELATION Joel Osteen – Dont Allow The Devil To Stop You (NEW Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye – Appointment With the Most High (NEW MESSAGE 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya – The Power Of The Spirit Terri Derek Prince – Immersed in the Holy Spirit (New Message 2017) Paula White – Just Believe (New Message 2017) Do Not Be Led By Your Head – Part 1. (New Message 2017) Pastor Bankie – Everything is in Christ (New Message 2017 Pastor Poju Oyemade – Using The Power Of God To […]