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Email Hack Your Way to Wealth – (WHW #16)

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What’s up Y’All, back with another Wealth Hack Wednesday! I was recording a few videos and wanted to share something really quick. So what is Wealth hack Wednesday today? We will be talking about a conversation I had with a buddy of mine. He is super successful, a tech CEO making mega millions with his company. Instead of going on vacation, he did a staycation. With all that money why? Well because sometimes it is good to just stay home. He unplugged from all social media, etc. during this time. But one thing that he did was to setup an […]

Can’t Build Wealth Unless You Track This (WHW #7)

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Sign up for a free Personal Capital account here and track your net worth: 👉🏽https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/personalcapital-personal-capital-review.php What’s going on everybody? Back with another Wealth Hack Wednesday! If you have been checking these out, Thank you. 😀 I really enjoy putting out this content. Today I want to talk about the number one thing you need to be tracking if you are serious about building your wealth. Many people get stuck on where to get started investing, what they should invest in, or how their investments are doing. That’s not bad. But the reality is, if you want to build your wealth […]

How These Numbers 8-2-8-3 Helped Me Build Wealth (WHW #6)

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