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Prosperity Wealth & Abundance Reiki Energy Healing

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This video is made with the intention of attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity into our lives. This video is not a substitute for putting your own work into these areas. I start by lighting an intention candle. I then give an affirmation. I introduce crystals that we will be working with, then read their descriptions from “Crystal Prosperity” by Judy Hall. Then we get into the Reiki and energy healing to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity. I hope that you find this video beneficial and relaxing. My Etsy Store: mysticautumn.etsy.com My Crystal Website: mysticautumn.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Autumnmystic ASMR Site: relaxingautumn.weebly.com Instagram: […]

How I Made $55K In A Year Unemployed | Black Wealth Building

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Welcome to my channel! I have a story to tell. I unapologetically live out loud. Healing and self repair is why I do it. It’s powerful. I try to stay open minded and non judgmental. I hope that that rubs off on people. No matter how many people disagree remember you’ll be judged just like I am, but that’s what comes with the territory. Your life, your experience, your story is your biggest asset. People will get jealous, think you are crazy, criticize you. SO WHAT! Those people don’t have control over your life just theirs and trust me they […]