Sanskrit Mantra Chanting for Health, Wealth and Prosperity

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Are you aspiring to have a good health your entire life? Are you suffering from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, back pain or similar health disorders and you want to get rid of them.

Do you aspire for good health, wealth and prosperity.

Do you aspire to have good voice modulation and ability to pronounce words correctly.

If the answer to all or either of them is Yes, then friends you have come to the right place.

In this course you would be studying Ram Raksha chanting in Sanskrit.

The entirety of the Sri Ramraksha Stotra is that of an extremely powerful mantra. Recitation of the Sri Ramraksha Stotra results in establishing an impenetrable, amazing and powerful armour around yourself.

We may begin to realise, perhaps, when in anguish, distress or sorrow, that ill-gotten wealth or worldly sorrows and disputes are but a curtain drawn across divine wealth. Sorrow, anguish and worldly troubles prevent divine blessings from being noticed. One should always attempt to allow one’s divine blessings to be visible distinctively and thereby prevent the retention of wordly troubles and anguish. It is thus understood, that the Sri Ramraksha Stotra is the only means of getting mastery over worldly sorrows and strengthening one’s divine blessings.

The Sri Ramraksha Stotra can easily be recited within any household. The stotra has been written in Sanskrit, but, the words are simple and easy to learn, even if the devotee is not familiar with the language. The recitation and rendition of the stanzas, and the rhythm within them, helps the devotee to sing or speak the words without errors. The truest pleasure is in the repeated recitation of the Sri Ramraksha Stotra, with the utterance of each word and in the lilt of the rhyme in each stanza.

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