Real Estate Investing: Practical Guide to Get Started

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The best and least risky way to become wealthy is to invest in real estate. And it became even more profitable recently thanks to the growth of vacation rentals such as on Airbnb! The best moment to start investing in real estate is yesterday – the other best moment is now.

I started investing in real estate at 26 and I already own two units. All of this without being rich and without putting money upfront. So yes, you can do it. However, many of these things depend on the country where you live, especially when it comes to rental legislation and financing rules. But none of that is impossible to achieve, so better start getting into this topic as soon as possible. In this course I explain you every step that you have to take that will bring you closer to your first real estate investment. You will understand how all of this works, how to choose the best units and how to finance them using banks.

My investments are focused on vacation rentals but this course also fits for those of you who want to invest for “traditional” long-term tenant rentals.

And I don’t want to set any unrealistic expectations for you: 

  • Yes you can start investing when you’re young and without putting money upfront (depending on the country). 
  • Yes you can generate money with your units. 
  • And yes, after a number of years, when these units will become fully yours, they can generate even more money for you, or a very good passive income. Or you will be able to sell them and take the whole sum for yourself. 
  • But no, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I don’t believe in such things. 
  • It will take time, effort and calculated risk, but it’s definitely much better to invest rather than not.

Most people don’t do it because they don’t think they can, so they completely ignore this opportunity. I’m convinced that after taking this course, it will all seem much more realistic to you. And if you put in the effort, you’ll buy your first unit within a year maximum.

So, do you want to start escaping the rat race? Start with this course! See you inside.

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