National Wealth Center (3 Step System)

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This super simple National Wealth Center 3-Step System is helping our NWC Thrive members close more sales than ever! Watch today’s video to see how it works and why its becoming one of our most popular tools when it comes to bringing on new leads and closing sales.

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So how does the National Wealth Center 3-step system work. Very simple. If you can hand out a phone number then you can do this. All you have to do is ask the questions, “How would you like to make an extra $2,500-$50k per month by handing out a phone number?” When they say yes, you give them the phone number and a link to your NWC Thrive capture page system. That’s it!

See today’s video for full details and a walkthrough of the NWC Thrive capture page system back office.

Brandon Frye
NWC Director of Marketing

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