Learn To Invest In 7 Steps

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Do you want to start investing but have no idea where to begin?

The best way to learn to invest is by actually investing. You don't need thousands of dollars to start investing on your own. You can begin investing with less than $100

In this course, I share 7 steps you can follow to start investing today. These same steps will allow you to continually increase your investment knowledge as your wealth grows.

I'm a former institutional money manager who spent over 15 years investing billions of dollars for institutions and high net worth individuals. I've also researched and been mentored by some of the smartest money managers in the business, including top tier hedge funds.

Like you, I started out not knowing how to invest. By following the steps I teach in this course, I not only learned how to invest, but I became a professional money manager and Chief Investment Strategist for a $30 billion investment advisory firm.

This course follows the same teaching method I use in my popular personal finance show Money For the Rest of Us, the iTunes top-10 ranked podcast with over one hundred 5-star reviews.

Similar to my weekly show, this course is filled with real-world examples, stories and personal experiences to help you internalize the investment principles.

And I'll share insights from some of the smartest investors I know.

Finally, I use screen recordings to show you actual trades and tools I use to implement the 10 steps.

Curious and want to get a sense of my teaching style and whether the course is worth your time? Then listen to the introductory video and the first lesson for free.

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