Investing & Saving Techniques for Wealth-Minded People (US)

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At the end of this course you will know exactly how to invest and manage your money to become very wealthy and retire rich.  Effective money management allow us to invest: to use the time value of money and the historical up trend of the market to ensure real money returns!

The earlier you start, the more wealthy you become – so don’t wait, start now!  You don’t need a 6 figure job or even a college degree.  A janitor that recently passed away was worth $8 Million to the shock of everyone that knew him.  How?  Money management and the stock market!  Literally anyone, including YOU, can do it!

Effective money management and the market are the way you can absolutely achieve your financial goals!  Whether that be becoming a millionaire (we’ll talk a lot about that!), having two homes in retirement, a luxury sports car, whatever!  

This course is great for anyone at any level, but it is geared toward younger (millennial) generations, as they have the most time to benefit from this information.  The retirement account type lesson is geared toward American students but covers how much to save and in what investments regardless of nationality!  Non-US citizens can still apply the money management concepts and much of the investing principles outlined in the course.

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