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Manidweepam is the island where Sri Chakra Bindu Rupini Sri Rajarajeswari Sridevi Sri Maha Vidya Sri Maha Tripura Sundari Sri Lalita Parabhattaria (Sri Lalita Devi Full Name) resides. This island was created just by Her thought. Being more splendid than kailasam, more glorious than vaikuntam and most amazing of all the worlds, manidweepam is called ‘sarva lokam’. This dweepam is surrounded on the four sides by amrutam which creates a gentle cool breeze with its waves.

Inside this dweepam are many forts, each made up of a unique common material. The first fort is made up of iron. Each entrance of this fort is guarded by sentinels wearing weapons. Devi devotees reside in this place. Proceeding away from this fort, to the inside of the island is another fort made of brass, this fort has unique gopuram. This fort is surrounded by a variety of fruit bearing trees. It also lodges a number of birds, butterfiles, bees etc. On surpassing this fort, is a kalpavanam. vasantam is incharge of this vanam. In this vanam gandharvas reside and sing praises in the glory of Sridevi.

On proceeding inside is a fort made up of glass. In between these two forts is santana vatika having grishma rithuvu as incharge. In this forest siddha ganas reside. On proceeding inside is a fort made of copper. In between the glass and copper forts is another forest to which varsha rithuvu is incharge.Sridevi resides in Chintamani gruham. The air is filled with fragrances from flowers and dhoopam. There are four mantapams- shringara mantapam, jnana mantapam, mukthi and ekanta mantapam.In the shringara mantapam, Gods sing praises of Triupura Sundari. In this court, between the Gods, The Goddess of the world sits on her simhasanam.From the jnana mantapam, Sridevi imparts jnanam to her devotees. From the mukthi mantapa, sridevi discusses issues with her ministers.It is said that at the time of death if we think of manidweepam, we are granted a place in the house of the lotus feet of the mother.

Great stuti of Manidweepa varnana which gives us wealth and health | PSLV TV

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