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How to Reduce Side Effects of Antibiotics in Hindi

You must have heard “Health is wealth”. This proverb is completely right in itself, so every person tries to take full care of his health. You too will do this.

Just like the food and water we need in the life of today, it is important to keep medicines as well as maintain our health. Today, we are completely dependent on medicines, not dependent on Healthy Food and Exercise. As soon as we have light cough, cold fever or head ache, we immediately resort to medicines. The medicines we use most for their treatment are antibiotics.

Antibiotic medicine is made up of two Greek words, anti-opposites and bios, ie life, which eliminates harmful bacteria in our body and prevents its growth. Therefore, antibiotic are used to treat infection by bacteria such as colds, colds, fever, cough, TB, pneumonia, skin infections etc.

A few years ago when there was no work medicine for many diseases, then in the year 1928, the first antibiotic drug Penicillin, discovered by Alexander Fleming, revolutionized the medical field. Slowly many new antibiotic were invented, due to which treatment of many diseases was possible very quickly and easily. But gradually people became so educated and used to start these medicines for every small problem, so that side effects of these medicines came out. Like using more of them, your body’s immune system is the less power to fight against diseases, as well as damage to many parts of the body.

Apart from this, more use of heart attacks and liver damage.

Now the situation is such that the excessive use of antibiotic has become so powerful that the harmful bacteria present in our body has become so powerful that many of these medicines have been affected and its poor results have started to appear. It is a matter of great concern for India because most of the antibiotic is used in India.

Recently, the Government of India has banned 344 medicines including the popular cure of cough, the popular medicine of cold water vicks action 500 extra (Vicks Action 500 Extra), Citrogen, Fendidum cough syrup, Caffeine, and Reptrazol.

Many such medicines have been used in the US and England for a long time already, but it is widely used in India.

This is all the medicines that we easily get without the advice of a doctor. However, the companies making these companies have challenged the government’s decision in the Delhi High Court and have taken a stay order against the court.

According to one figure, the use of antibiotic for the last several years has increased by 30 to 40% in which India is number 1. There was a time when the use of antibiotic was eliminated easily with TB-like illness, but its use had a negative effect on the patient’s immune system and alone in India.

Now the best way to get rid of these medicines is by healthy lifestyle, which includes nutritious food, stress free day, yoga and exercise. Then your “health” will become your real “wealth”.

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