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Building Wealth for Future Generations: 3 Things to Consider

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All our lives, we work and save money. We’re saving for our retirement, but we’re not just saving for ourselves. We hope that, with hard work and smart savings habits, we can build a nest egg that outlives us. We hope that we can pass this wealth on to our children, and perhaps even to their children, and so on down through the generations. But even for the wealthiest and most successful among us, this takes careful planning and work! Investments: the key to generational wealth It’s no secret that in order to create long-term wealth, you’ll need investments. Your […]

How to Build and Protect Your Wealth

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Brian ‘Dyalekt’ Kushner moved from St. Croix to New York to study acting and law. He also liked to rap. After witnessing civil rights injustices at the law firm he worked for, he dropped both the job and the law classes, pursuing the arts instead. Performances at the Nuyorican led him to Hip Hop Theater, writing plays that have been performed on stages across the world. He didn’t sleep on the rapping either, releasing music and touring internationally. His first album/one man play Square Peg Syndrome helped him get named to the Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group. He has been […]

Latest Federal Reserve figures show widening wealth inequality, and it’s much worse if you’re not white

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The Federal Reserve’s just-published 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances reveals that income inequality is rising in the USA, with the top decile now controlling 77.1% of the nation’s wealth; wealth that is increasingly retained through intergenerational bonds, meaning that wealth is apportioned by accident of birth rather than merit; and (unsurprisingly, given the foregoing), the browner you are, the less you have. Matt Bruenig’s breakdown of the numbers paints a depressing picture of a world where the super-rich own it all and the rest of us knife each other for scraps and crumbs. In 1989, […]