September 2017


BBC World Service – In the Balance, Is Inherited Wealth a Curse?

Does passing down large amounts of money within families drive the gap between rich and poor even wider? It seems that some of the world’s richest people, like Bill Gates, recognised this and have pledged to give away most, if not all, of their wealth to good causes rather than their children. Is inherited wealth […]

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The true source of California’s wealth

Carmel Mission In 1769, the first Spanish missions were founded in California by Franciscan missionary Junipero Serra, whose statue is in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall. California cities were originally founded as Spanish Christian missions: 1769 San Diego de Alcalá (grew into San Diego, California, cultivated the first olives in California) 1770 San Carlos Borromeo […]

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Wealth advisers need to get up to speed on big data

WOCinTech Chat/flickr Wealth advisors used to succeed by making insightful lunch conversation, being fun on the golf course and winning referrals. These days, effectively leveraging big data is a better bet for successful marketing. The growing hoard of wealth invested with robo-advisor platforms is forcing advisers to change how they operate. By the end of […]

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Tax Diversification: An Untapped Resource for Wealth

Sure, diversifying is a good idea for investors, but unless part of your diversification strategy is based on how your investments are taxed, you could be missing out in retirement. Conventional wisdom recommends diversifying investment holdings so that when one sector or asset class dips, another can make up the difference. And, for the average […]

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Long-term wealth creators: 5 stocks that have soared & soared for 20 years

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago. – Warren Buffett Going by Buffett wisdom, those who showed patience in domestic equity market became richer over time. Domestic seeds, chemicals and global generic crop protection company UPL has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two decades […]

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It Turns out That Travelling Makes Us Far Happier Than Any Material Wealth Ever Does

They say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but everyone at work seems to be in far better moods every time payday rolls around. That being said, once most of the disposable income is spent over the course of the coming days, people often feel worse than they did before getting paid. So, perhaps a more […]

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Jumbo Loans Get Less Expensive  #wealth #investment #realestate

Source:  CNBC Total mortgage application volume barely moved last week, down 0.5 percent from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.  That’s the second consecutive seasonally adjusted week of minimal moves. Mortgage applications to refinance a home loan rose 0.3 percent from the previous week and are 38 percent lower than the same […]

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